Dinosaur Museums


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Dinosaurs have a way of capturing the attention of children and adults. They were huge creatures that are very fascinating to all. Across the world there are wonderful place to view the bones of these extraordinary dinosaurs. Not only do do you get an idea of what they looked like, but you also will get some educational information about how they lived. Here is a list of some places that offer wonderful information and beautiful sites of dinosaurs.

Dinosaur National Monument- Vernal, UT

This is a monument that you know dinosaurs once roamed. You can visit a sloped rock that they have found bones. Some of the bones have been exposed, but kept in the rock. That is such an amazing experience for children to see. You and your children will be able to see 1500 fossils embedded in the rock. They also have the outside Fossil Discovery Trail. You can walk around the trail and see the natural rocks and all the beautiful fossils that you can discover through the trail. There are also information on and about the dinosaurs all around the site. The building that covers the large wall of fossils is getting rebuilt, but will be reopening in early October of 2011.

The Field Museum of Natural History-Chicago, IL

The Field Museum of  Natural History is one huge amazing educational museum that you and your children will just love. This museum is home to Sue. Sue is a 40 foot long, 13 foot high dinosaur. Sue is 67 million years old, and is the largest most complete and best preserved Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil. The Evolving Planet exhibition is home to a large collection of dinosaur fossils. The Evolving Planet walks you through 4 billion years of evolution. There are animated videos, fossils, hands-on interactive displays, and more for a fun educational time.

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